Slip no.6. Write a PHP script for the following.
a) Design a form to accept the details of 5 different items such as Item code, Item Name, unit, sold and Rate.
b) Display the bill in tabular format. Use only 4 textboxes. [ Use explode]
HTML file :
table {
    border-collapse: collapse;

table, th, td {
    border: 1px solid blue;
<form method="post" action="slip6_Q2.php">
<center><h1>Enter details of 5 Items </h1>
<h3>item code  <input type="text" name="itemcode" placeholder="ex 11,12,13,14,15" /></h3>
<h3>item name  <input type="text" name="itemname" /></h3>
<h3>units sold <input type="text" name="unitssold" /></h3>
<h3>rate       <input type="text" name="rate" /></h3>
          <input type="submit" value="Submit"/>

PHP file :
                $itemcode = $_POST['itemcode'];
                $itemname = $_POST['itemname'];
                $unitssold = $_POST['unitssold'];
                $rate = $_POST['rate'];
                $i_code = explode(',',$itemcode);
                $i_name = explode(',',$itemname);
                $i_unit = explode(',',$unitssold);
                $i_rate = explode(',',$rate);
                $t_amt = (($i_unit[0]*$i_rate[0])+($i_unit[1]*$i_rate[1])+($i_unit[2]*$i_rate[2])+($i_unit[3]*$i_rate[3])+($i_unit[4]*$i_rate[4]));

                echo "<table align=center border=1>";
                echo "<tr><td> <b>Item Code</b> </td><td> <b>Item Name</b> </td><td><b> Units Sold</b> </td><td> <b>Rate </b></td></tr>";
                echo "<tr><td>".$i_code[0]."</td><td>".$i_name[0]."</td><td>".$i_unit[0]."</td><td>".$i_rate[0]."</td></tr>";
                echo "<tr><td>".$i_code[1]."</td><td>".$i_name[1]."</td><td>".$i_unit[1]."</td><td>".$i_rate[1]."</td></tr>";
                echo "<tr><td>".$i_code[2]."</td><td>".$i_name[2]."</td><td>".$i_unit[2]."</td><td>".$i_rate[2]."</td></tr>";
                echo "<tr><td>".$i_code[3]."</td><td>".$i_name[3]."</td><td>".$i_unit[3]."</td><td>".$i_rate[3]."</td></tr>";
                echo "<tr><td>".$i_code[4]."</td><td>".$i_name[4]."</td><td>".$i_unit[4]."</td><td>".$i_rate[4]."</td></tr>";
                echo "<tr><th colspan=4></th></tr>";
                echo "<tr><th colspan=3>Total amount </th><td>".$t_amt."</td></tr>";
                echo "</table>";

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