Slip no. 17. Write a PHP script for the following.
Design a form to accept a string and check whether the given string is Palindrome or not.
[ Use built-in function.]
HTML file :

<h2> Check Given String Is Palindrom Or Not</h2>
<form action="slip17_1.php" method="GET">
<h3>   Enter String : <input type=text name=str><br>  </h3>
<input type=submit value=submit name=Show>
<input type=reset value=Reset name=Reset>

PHP file :
                $str1 = $_GET['str'];
                $str2 = strrev($str1);
                if(strcmp($str1,$str2) === 0)
                echo "<h3> $str1 is palindrom </h3>";
                                else echo "<h3> $str1 is not palindrom </h3>";

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